Manifesto đź“ť

Recruiting needs a refresh, and Recruitful is here to change the candidate experience. Below is our manifesto - our beliefs and commitments that motivate our unique approach to recruiting.

Conversations are everything

Resumes & online profiles alone are antiquated and don’t tell a candidate’s full story. In depth and engaging conversations on the other hand provide the real details of an individual's experiences and abilities.

Job descriptions need context

REPETITIVE OF FIRST POINT???? Job descriptions can often times be misleading and details can get overlooked. This is why it's important to focus on technical conversations with the hiring team, as spoken words are a powerful ambassador to communicate specific details of the role.

Resumes should be free of bias

Humans are judgey. Therefore, resumes should all look and feel the same, as format alone invokes bias. Some people put too much, others put too little. Some people use bullet points while others use paragraphs.  Some people use Word, others use graphic designers. The lack of properly formatted resume should not prevent a qualified individual from being considered for the job.

Recruiters need to be real people

NEEDS WORK... Because candidate answers are specific to the individual our questions should be standard and relevant. Technical Assessments and Resumes are helpful but the human element cannot be replaced. Candidates all speak with people and not just automation elements.

Recruiters should understand their candidates

Recruiters should understand the ins and outs of a candidate to best serve them. Previous practitioners understand where candidates would be the best fit because they've been there before, and can therefore set up candidates for a much higher likelihood of success in their new role.

Candidates should be respected

Candidates should be given clear, honest, and timely feedback throughout the engagement. Having the utmost respect for others makes for a much more positive experience. Regardless if it’s the first interview or the last, the details matter!

Candidates should be true to themselves

Recruiting can be a game of inches and many times we focus too much on the technical fit. But at the end of the day the hiring manager is bringing a new human into their work family, and they want to know who that is. Skills can be learned but personality and values are the cornerstone of who the candidate is. These details are the difference makers that should be embraced and highlighted.

Radical transparency is essential

DO WE NEED THIS... We help you improve your hiring process by sharing how many candidates we've contacted and how many weren't interested, along with the reasons they declined - such as your salary range or job location.

Proper planning prevents poor performance

NEEDS WORK... We believe in order to put your best foot forward you should know what to expect. Candidates need communication to be confident and represent their true skills best.

Focus on what matters

We want to connect top talent with amazing employers to make people's lives better while building amazing products. Simply put, we want to make the world a better place. This process shouldn't be painful, it should be fun and engaging and done the right way for the right reasons.

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